Diamond art: round or square?

What is diamond art?


Before choosing between round or square diamonds, which is just the form of the rhinestones that would be used on your canvas, you need to know that there is no definitive or better answer. Like a lot of things in life, this is a subjective point of view! Your goal should be choosing one that pleases you the most.  

Round rhinestones are easier

Round diamonds are usually better for beginners because picking them up and applying them to the canvas would be easier. This makes transitions between tasks and overall progress much faster. Moreover, the round diamonds would shimmer more, especially on bigger paintings.

Square ones are better for larger paintings


We know that we just told you that round rhinestones are nice for bigger paintings but if you want the details to be clear, square ones would be the go to here. The simple reason for this is that square ones align much better and create a more "completed" look for your mosaic. They fit together very well and there are no air gaps between the diamonds. Moreover, when nearing completion, the square diamonds slotting perfectly into place give quite a satisfying feeling that a lot of people love. Finallly, square diamonds would be great in the hands of more advanced diamond art maker. A statistical study about people's preference show that most people actually prefer square over round ones, 383 over 87.