Complete guide to diamond art painting

What is diamond art?

Diamond Painting is an artisanal activity that consist of making magnificent relief paintings by applying small colored diamonds onto a sticky canvas. In other terms, to create a diamond painting, you just need to apply small diamonds onto a pre-printed canvas, where the symbols will show you how to put the correct ones.

The canvas should have all of the informations necessary to create your own diamond painting, and all you have to do is pick the right diamonds and meticulously put them into place. This activity doesn't require a fortune to start working on, nor is it technically demanding, yet it is incredibly fun and amusing. That's the reason why it is right now a favorite pass time hobby of everyone alike.

Talking about the theme, to each one their own's. You have find a wide variety of themed diamond paintings such as: animals, landscapes, cities and even Disney! There are also remakes of famous art works, like Van Gogh or Klimt. In short, there is something for everyone!

You don't need an particular skills to craft a diamond painting, patience and motivation should be enough to carry you to the end! Just like a puzzle, you are create an original art piece that you can later hang on your wall and show them off to your guests. 

For this reason, this activity is suitable for all ages and for every level of skill, because you can always choose one that is simpler (as recommended by the diamond art shop of your choice) and you can later progress with bigger canvas with more sophisticated and colorful details. 

How to create a diamond painting?

Here is a simple illustration with 6 easy steps to finish a diamond painting:


A small advice before you start: you will most likely not finish your painting in one sitting. Therefore, always reserve a space somewhere where you can leave your work in progress undisturbed. Also, don't remove the entire protective film because you may degrade the glue quality of sections that you cannot finish right away. Finally, be careful not to mix up the diamonds, they are minuscule and you don't want to be Cinderella trying to sort them out after a small mistake. For these kind of accidents, most shops should have a "I messed up" insurance where they will send you a free replacement of your diamonds. 


What's the difference between square and round diamonds?

When you go to any diamond art painting shop around, you can see they usually ask for round or square diamonds. This usually does not impact the final quality of the art work and it's more of a question of subjective taste. But for beginners, it is recommended to go with the round diamonds which should be easier to work with, while for highly detailed and sophisticated arts, we would recommend square diamonds to make the details pop out a bit more.

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