How to chose your first diamond painting kit?

Diamond art painting, a creative and relaxing activities that is trending everywhere, consist of finishing an art piece using small colored diamonds called rhinestones. When installing these rhinestones, you are basically spending a great time creating your very own mosaic artwork at home without spending a fortune. But before embarking on this journey, you must know how to choose the right diamond painting kit for yourself. Here are some small hints to help you out with the choice. 

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Rhinestones : square or round?

There are generally 2 choices when it comes to rhinestones: round and square ones. This a question of personal taste so just choose as you like. However, it is recommended to use round squares for beginners, because they are generally more easy to apply using the stylus. You may complete your very first painting faster this way.

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And if you want to finish a painting on the bigger side, the square rhinestomes should please you better, because they may give out finer details. Using a ruler, you can easily align them, allowing for a perfect mosaic on the grand scale.

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Canvas size

In each of our diamond art kit, there is a canvas where the numbers and symbols are printed. They correspond to the color of the rhinestone to be put in. Therefore, it is important to chose the correct dimension of your canvas.

First of all, the smaller ones like 20x20cm, 20x25cm and 25x30cm should be suitable for animal themed pictures or portraits that doesn't have a lot of details.

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And the larger ones like 30×40 cm 45×60 cm 50×70 cm 60×80 cm would be better for landscape and nature pictures, because these may have more fine details and more colors. Moreover, you should verify the wallspace accomodating the art piece to ensure that your final work fits.

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Here at Diamond Art Love, you can find a variety of different theme pre-made art work, for example nature, cities, landscapes, flowers, famous people, portraits, animals, space, religion, and even an advanced custom kit of your own creation. The less complicated ones like animal art would be a magnificent gift to your children. These will surely bring the whole family together for a fun and creative night.

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And themes like nature, cities, landscapes would be a perfect fit for those looking for a custom house decoration. These works have more details and colors, and you can take your time to finish.

Nowadays, spiritual and space themed art are becoming quite trendy. They help create an ambience of tranquility, mystery and singularity.

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If these pre-made themes does not satisfy your own personal taste, you can always customize your own diamond art kit. You just need to first chose the correct canvas dimension, upload a high quality picture file and we will send it to our skilled technician. You will have your own mosaic artwork to not only express your own creativity but it can also make a very authentic gift idea

On the Internet right now, there are a lot of shops that offer custom made paintings, such as Made with Diamond, Diamond Art UKand of course Diamond Art Love.

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The kit

Most of the shops around will offer a complete kit that facilitate the creation of your diamond art painting. All of the tools needed are:

1 canvas with adhesive where the diamonds can be attached

A small bag of numbered diamonds

1 container to store and align the rhinetones by gently shaking it

1 pair of pliers to apply the rhinestones

1 stylus to apply the diamonds

1 glue plate to help with diamond application

You can also buy additional accessories that will help you finish your art work faster. In most diamond art shops, you can find all of the tools you need. 

Once you have received your first diamond art kit, you can start the activity right away with the help of clear instructions. Step by step, rhinestone by rhinestone, you art work slowly comes to life. After the last one, you can finally embrace your very own creation.